CFC/EPA Certification

EPA regulations under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act require that technicians who maintain, service, repair, or dispose of equipment that could release refrigerants into the atmosphere must be certified. The EPA defines a “technician” as an individual who performs any of the following activities:

  • Adding refrigerant to or removing refrigerant from an appliance.
  • Attaching and detaching hoses and gauges to and from an appliance to measure pressure.
  • Any other activity that violates the integrity of a motor vehicle air conditioner (MVAC)-like appliance or small appliance (other than disposal).

Our CFC Certifications are valid in all 50 states and US territories and they do not expire.

If you are interested in taking the exam, you have 2 options:

(1)Take the exam at one of our Community College Testing Centers. See our list of CFC Testing Centers. Exams are scheduled through the community colleges. Contact a college to sign up for the exam.
(2)Take the exam at home (Type I Only). If you are interested in receiving your Type I CFC Certification, you can take our Type I Mail-In Exam.
The fee to order the exam is $40.00. The exam is open-book, and you can purchase a Self-Instruction Manual for an additional $20.00.

To find out which certification you need, read about the Types of Certification.


CFC Replacement Card

We can replace any card that has been lost or stolen, as long as it was originally issued by our office. The fee to replace a CFC Card is $25.00. To replace a card, fill out and submit an application for a Replacement CFC Card. Once received by our office, you should receive your replacement card in 7-10 days.


Types of Certification

Type I Certification covers small appliances that are manufactured, charged, and hermetically sealed with less than five pounds of refrigerant. This includes refrigerators, freezers, room air conditioners, package terminal heat pumps, dehumidifiers, under-the-counter ice makers, vending machines, and drinking water coolers.

Type II Certification covers high pressure appliances that use a refrigerant with a boiling point between -50 degrees C and 10 degrees C at atmospheric pressure. This includes refrigerants 12, 22, 114, 500, and 502.

Type III Certification covers low pressure appliances that use a refrigeration with a boiling point above 10 degrees C at atmospheric pressure. This includes refrigerants 11, 113, and 123.

Small cans of R-12 are covered by a separate automotive certification. For more information about how to receive an automotive certification or CFC certification in general, please call the EPA’s hotline: 1-800-296-1996.


More Information about CFC’s

Information on HCFC Regulations Around the Word may be found at Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy.

Federal regulations, new regulations, proposed rules and important notices may be found at the EPA’s website.