General FAQ

1. Does North Carolina recognize refrigeration licenses granted by other states?

No. North Carolina does not have reciprocity with any other states.

2. I have changed companies. How do I change the name on my license?

You may either call our office at (919) 779-4711 and request a Change of Trade Name form or download the form here.

3. May my company use my license? May I transfer my license to my company name?

No. Our licenses are issued to individuals only. You may add your company name to your license, but the license is still in your name.

If you are the qualifying person for your company, you must put your company name on your license.

4. I am not going to be working on refrigeration equipment next year. Do I still need to renew my license?

You may let your license lapse for one year. The renewal fee for a lapsed license is $120. If you fail to renew for two consecutive years, the license becomes permanently lapsed and you will be required to take and pass the exam to receive a new license.

5. Do I need a refrigeration contractor’s license?

Anyone who installs, repairs, or maintains commercial, transport, or industrial refrigeration equipment in North Carolina must either be licensed or be supervised by someone who is licensed.

This does not apply to any of the following:

  1. The installation of self-contained commercial refrigeration units equipped with an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) molded plug that does not require the opening of service valves.
  2. The replacement of lamps, fuses, and door gaskets.
  3. The installation and servicing of domestic household self-contained refrigeration appliances equipped with an OEM molded plug connected to suitable receptacles which have been permanently installed and do not require the opening of service valves.
  4. Employees of persons, firms, or corporations or persons, firms or corporations, not engaged in refrigeration contracting as herein defined, that install, maintain and service their own refrigerating machinery, equipment and devices.
  5. Any person, firm or corporation engaged in the business of selling, repairing and installing any comfort cooling devices or systems.
6. Where do I find information about heating and air conditioning licenses?
7. How do I become a licensed refrigeration contractor in North Carolina?

To become a licensed refrigeration contractor you need to pass the contractor’s exam. The exam is scheduled by appointment in the Board office.

8. How do I register for the next exam?

To register for the next exam, you must complete and return the application. To receive an application you can either call our office at (919) 779-4711, or you can download an application, print it out, and mail it to us.

You can download an Exam Application here.

9. Can I register for the exam on-line?

No. The application must be mailed with a check or money order for $100 to cover the cost of the exam. The application also requires one or more signatures. We are not offering on-line registration at this time.

10. Are there any requirements I need to meet in order to take the exam?

In order to qualify for the exam, you must have 4000 hours of experience in working with refrigeration equipment. Half of this experience can come from education.

11. Where can I get reference materials or study guides for the exam?

A list of reference materials and their sources may be found in the Exam Workbook.

12. Where is the exam given?

In the Board Office (1027 US Highway 70 W Suite 221, Garner, NC, 27529).

13. I’ve lost my CFC Certification Card, how do I get a new card?

You may print and mail in an application for a Replacement CFC Card.

14. How do I become certified?

In order to become certified, you need to pass the CFC Certification Exam. We offer Type I mail-in exams that you can order and take at home. Other CFC exams must be proctored and are given through the Community Colleges. If you want to take the exam, we suggest that you contact the Community Colleges near you to find out when they are giving the next exam.

If you are interested in Type I certification, print out and mail in a Type I Mail-In Application.

Or view our list of CFC Testing Centers.

15. What type of CFC Certification do I need?

The Type I Certification covers small appliances that are manufactured, charged, and hermetically sealed with less than five pounds of refrigerant. This includes refrigerators, freezers, room air conditioners, package terminal heat pumps, dehumidifiers, under-the-counter ice makers, vending machines, and drinking water coolers.

The Type II Certification covers high pressure appliances that use a refrigerant with a boiling point between -50 degrees C and 10 degrees C at atmospheric pressure. This includes refrigerants 12, 22, 114, 500, and 502.

The Type III Certification covers low pressure appliances that use a refrigeration with a boiling point above 10 degrees C at atmospheric pressure. This includes refrigerants 11, 113, and 123.

Small cans of R-12 are covered by a separate automotive certification. For more information about how to receive an automotive certification or CFC certification in general, please call the EPA’s hotline: 1-800-296-1996.

16. How much does the CFC Certification test cost?

We charge $40 per test.

17. Are there any courses or study guides for the CFC Certification test?

If you are taking the Type I Mail-In Exam, you can get a study guide for an additional $20. If you are taking the exam through the local community colleges, you need to contact that college as many of them offer a study course in addition to the exam.

18. Where can I find the EPA’s Compliance Guideline for Industrial Process Refrigeration?

The EPA’s Compliance Guidelines can be found here.