In the State of North Carolina, all persons, firms or corporations engaged in the installation, maintenance, servicing and repairing of refrigerating machinery, equipment, devices and components are required to hold an active Refrigeration Contractor License. –To check if a person or company holds an active Refrigeration Contractor License, search our Licensee Database.

In order to file a complaint, CLICK HERE TO FILE ONLINE,
OR download the Complaint Form and email it to or mail to:

State Board of Refrigeration Examiners,
Suite 221, 1027 US 70 Hwy. West,
Garner, NC 27529


(a)Any person who believes that any refrigeration contractor is in violation of the provisions of G.S. 87-59 may prefer charges against such contractor by setting forth the charges in writing with particularity including, but not limited to, the date and place of the alleged violation. Such charges shall be signed and sworn to by the party preferring such charges and filed with the Executive Director of the State Board of Refrigeration Examiners at the office of the Board, 889 Highway 70 West, Garner, North Carolina 27529. (b)A licensee who prefers charges against a refrigeration contractor shall cooperate with the Board in its investigation of the complaint including the execution of an affidavit covering their knowledge of the facts and circumstances concerning the complaint, if required, and participate in any legal action authorized by the Board if requested by the Board or its representative. (c)A licensee shall fully cooperate with the Board in connection with any inquiry it shall make. Full cooperation includes responding in a timely manner to all inquiries of the Board or representative of the Board and claiming Board correspondence from the U.S. Postal Service.


(a)A charge, filed under Rule .1102 of this Section, shall be referred initially to a review committee. (c)The review committee shall have the authority to determine prior to a full Board hearing whether or not charges filed against a refrigeration contractor are unfounded, frivolous, or trivial. The determination of the review committee shall be final in this respect. (d)Once a charge is referred to the review committee a written notice of said charge shall be forwarded to the licensee against whom the charge is made. Notice of the charges and of the alleged facts and circumstances surrounding the charge shall be given personally or by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested. A response to said charges shall be requested of the licensee so charged and shall be made within twenty days from the date shown on the return mail certificate or date of personal notice. (e)If the licensee denies the charges brought against him, then in the sole discretion of the review committee, additional investigative personnel may be retained by the Board for the purpose of obtaining evidence relating to such charges. The reasonable expenses of any such additional personnel shall be borne by the Board. (f)After all preliminary evidence has been received by the review committee it shall make a preliminary determination of the charges filed against the refrigeration contractor. For the evidence it may recommend to the Board that:

(1)The charges be dismissed as unfounded, frivolous, trivial; or

(2)When the charge is admitted by the licensee or the evidence warrants, the Board be presented with the charge for its decision. If the charge is of such gravity as to make the imposition of punitive sanctions likely, the Board may administer one of more of the following penalties if the licensee is found to have violated the provisions of Article 5 of Chapter 87 of the General Statutes;

(A) Reprimand;
(B) Suspension from practice for a period not to exceed 12 months;
(C) Probationary revocation of license upon conditions set by the Board as the case shall warrant with revocation upon failure to comply with the conditions; or
(D) Revocation of license; or
(E) An acceptance of an offer in compromise of the charge, as provided by G.S. 87-59(d).

(3) If the charge is denied and evidence warrants, or if the charge, while admitted, is of such gravity as to make the imposition of punitive sanctions likely, the charge be presented to the Board for its decision on the merits of the charge in accordance with G.S. 150B. In connection with any such reprimand and subsequent order the Board may also provide that in the event the licensee is determined to have violated in the future any of the provisions of G.S 87, Article 5, the Board may suspend or revoke his license as prescribed by law.